[Hankyung] News release : The leather cover of LG G4 that made by manual works

LG전자의 전략 스마트폰인 G4의 가죽 후면 커버를 생산하는 경기 부천의 영광정공 공장에서 여직원들이 커버에 방수 코팅제를 바르고 있다. LG전자 제공

After LG electronics released their smart phone G4, people were excited about its leather cover because it feels special. Youngkwang Co., Ltd, which is partner of LG electronics, produces leather cover with inspective process. Production Line has clean room decorated as semiconductor factory. In the clean room, there is a coating process that sprays special chemicals on the leather cover for protecting leather texture.
In production Line before coating process, one was sewing on the leather cover and removed remainder of thread with fire. In another room, many employees were applying water and moisture proofer on leather meticulously.
After stitch process, it needed to attach the leather on plastic cover. H-jig technique that invented by LG electronics is used at this time. 750 employees work every 10hours a day and produce about 20,000 leather cover. It is 5.5pcs every 10 second. Its material is the surface of cow leather which is the most expensive part. They use Germany Mara thread which generally used for luxury leather goods. Most of the process is handmade that takes 20 times more than regular process.
The leather cover of G4 is gaining many interests than they’d expected. One in Mobile service company said, “70~80% customers that purchased G4 select the leather cover and they focused on camera and design.” LG electronics will release G4 to US market and for that, already finished the FCC certification of radio wave.

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